About Us

“A diverse group playing with one brain and with one purpose”

Our Mission:

The mission of Clarksburg Uptown is to promote, in every way possible, the economic and social potential and growth of downtown Clarksburg and the Glen Elk section of Clarksburg, West Virginia. In order to accomplish this revitalization, Clarksburg Uptown proposes to move far beyond structural matters, encompassing and including the city’s social and cultural history. 


Our Vision:

We want to see Clarksburg move from the “Past” beyond the “Present” and “Progress” into the future – Past, Present, Progressive!   No one expects Clarksburg to be as it once was. Unrealistic. However, what is realistic is a downtown that exemplifies beauty and economic opportunity. A downtown full of entertainment and dining opportunities, upscale boutiques and gift shops, sidewalk cafes and artistic centers. And, our many office buildings once again serving as financial hubs. Some say impossible. We say possible, at least through the eyes of Clarksburg Uptown. Others have done it. Why not here! We have a vision and a plan.


An Invitation: 

Consider this an invitation to become a member of a progressive group with a vision and a plan for economic growth. If you are currently a business or property owner in downtown Clarksburg, or would like to become one, we encourage you to become a member. Even if you are not a business or property owner, you are still eligible to join as an “Associate” member. We are a member-driven organization and value every member’s opinion.



Benefits of Membership: 

First and foremost, Clarksburg Uptown is made up of a network of business and property owners and interested citizens who care deeply about their city and have vowed to work together to improve the business climate. Please, do not consider joining unless you are passionate about commitment and involvement. We will succeed because our membership has a passion and a plan. Here are just a few benefits of membership:

Having  a link to your own site.

Access to free professional seminars designed to strengthen your business, such as: insurance, business finance, banking, real estate and property issues, effective networking, grant opportunities and access to city, county and state officials.

Every member has an equal voice in decision-making.

Membership window placard to display saying to your customers, “I am investing in our future.”

We grow – You Grow. A revitalized downtown enhances the value of your business and property.