Clarksburg UPTOWN Bylaws

Clarksburg Uptown, Inc. is an IRS 501C-3(6)non-profit corporation organized pursuant to laws of the State of West Virginia. Its members are individuals and organization who own no stock in the corporations and vote at its annual and special meetings on the corporation’s affairs pursuant to its By-Laws. You can become a voting member if you own property or own/operate a business in the Clarksburg Downtown Business District or Glen Elk I and II Districts and pay dues of $250.00 per year.

Otherwise, you only need to have a desire to support Clarksburg Uptown and be on our mailing events and welcome to our annual and board meetings by becoming a non-voting associate member. You only need to complete an application above and pay an annual fee of $150.00 and you too are a member of Clarksburg Uptown, Inc.

Clarksburg Uptown, Inc. is operated by its Board of Directors which selects the officers of President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer. The Board meets monthly and the meetings are open to all members of the corporation.

Download Bylaws Here