Our Plan



Clarksburg Uptown – An action group with a plan. We have several objectives when it comes to the revitalization and economic growth of downtown Clarksburg and Glen Elk. Here are just a few:

  • Develop a theme for downtown Clarksburg and Glen Elk.
  • Street beautification: working with the city to add planters, benches and trees.
  • Develop and install attractive signage “ Welcome to Clarksburg- Progressive  with a Plan” or other attractive warm welcoming signs.
  • Encourage appropriate murals on city entrance buildings or public garages promoting downtown Clarksburg and Glen Elk as places to shop, dine and relax.
  • Work with building and shop owners to improve the attractiveness and appropriateness of storefront window dressings and building facades.
  • Create a more shopper-friendly atmosphere by encouraging the city to remove parking meters.
  • Publicize available buildings or storefronts which are for sale or lease.
  • Provide potential business owners with city and county contact information regarding taxes, fees and other useful business-friendly information.
  • Work with the city to increase police presence and building relationships with business owners.